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Launch Event of the GCC Arbitration Guide

February 22, 2023

The importance of arbitration has steadily increased in recent years with over 80% of international contracts providing for such. In some sectors, such as industrial plant construction and the construction industry in general, arbitration has almost completely replaced state jurisdiction. Providing a potentially faster and confidential dispute resolution, arbitration represents an equivalent alternative to state court proceedings. Arbitration courts are private courts whose main pillar is the arbitral parties’ autonomy. The parties can thus have their disputes decided by experts in the relevant field chosen by them in accordance with specially adapted procedural rules. Published by the German Emirati Joint Council for Industry & Commerce (AHK) and Alexander & Partner Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbB, the GCC Arbitration Guide explores the existing arbitration laws and rules applicable in the different GCC countries. It highlights the different regulations governing each component of an arbitration process from the arbitration agreement and initiating the arbitration process to the enforcement of an arbitral award. Emphasising the differences and similarities between the GCC laws on each aspect of the arbitration process, the GCC Arbitration Guide gives a clear overview and analysis of arbitration within the GCC. Post FIFA World Cup 2022 there will be considerable numbers of complex and high value disputes to be resolved by arbitration. A&P is well experienced in Qatar to advise parties on evaluating, financing, initiating and conducting arbitration procedures.